How it came to be

Giancarlo Storti, vice president and technical director of an important Italian machinery manufacturer in the woodworking sector well known on the international scene for more than 60 years, has always had a special love for the sea. 

His genius and long experience led him to invent, design and market the new collapsible rigid-keel tender, Extender, counting on the still of expert designers, qualified technical personnel and a multi-language sales staff.


The aim of the worksite is to create unique products, totally made to measure and customizable in colors and finishing, to enable shipowners to equip their ships with a comfortable tender, suited to the dimensions and number of the guest, without occupying too much space on shipboard.

At the same time, Extender also facilitates the work of the personnel on board as, in just a few minutes, they can perform the opening or closing procedures without difficulty.

Where it is

The company has its main office not far from Milan, on the banks of the Po River, a short distance from Lake Garda.


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