EXT 430/460/490

Folding tender with rigid keel, with outboard engine, designed to occupy reduced space on board and to offer more space once unloaded to water. Made of rubber and fiberglass, its vertical bow allows the maximum floating and safety during navigation.

These models have been especially engineered to adapt to the requirements of weight and size of sailing boats. While maintaining the key features of higher size tenders (in particular passengers’ safety thanks to the cockpit depth)  they are in fact "lightweight". Even their internal structure and their design have been engineered to limit weight: a new manual closing system instead of the electrical one, a more minimalist silhouette, whole and not divided tubes.

Technical details and equipment

Standard equipment EXT 430/460/490
Hauling shackles
Manual inflating pump
Manual folding and tensioning system
Technical details EXT 430 EXT 460 EXT 490
L.O.A. open 4,32 m 4,62 m 4,92 m
L.O.A. closed 2,72 m 3,02 m 3,32 m
Min. height closed 1,00 m (with 20 HP motor)
1,10 m (with 40 HP motor)
1,10 m
Weight basic version (without motor) 230 kg 250 kg 270 kg
Guests 6 7 8
Inside length 2,83 m 3,13 m 3,43 m
Waterline length 3,90 m 4,20 m 4,50 m
Beam O.A. 1,75 m 1,75 m 1,80 m
Beam O.A. deflated 1,32 m 1,32 m 1,32 m
Inside beam 0,77 m 0,77 m 0,77 m
Stern height 0,50 m 0,50 m 0,50 m
Tube diameter 0,46 m 0,46 m 0,46 m
Tube material Neoprene Orca Neoprene Orca Neoprene Orca
Compartments 5 5 5
Power 20/30/40 HP 20/30/40 HP 30/40/50 HP
CE category C C C


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